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Two Spheres

Gain access to the most innovative Chamber of Commerce experience any city has to offer. A new, deserved take on how each member benefits from joining their Chamber!

Becoming A Chamber Member

  • All higher-tier membership options include all previous-tier benefits

  • No additional costs for main events or guest speaker events

  • No additional costs for employee count/business size

  • 25% of your membership is immediately set aside for promoting/advertising the Chamber, you, and its events

  • A Chamber that wants to work with you, see you grow, and will seek you out

  • A Chamber that goes to work for you, even when you don't

What to Expect

Two Spheres

Check out a list of the full benefits and some details on each.

Need More Info?

  • Chairman's Circle

    Valid for one year
    • 1-3 Employees*
    • Workshop Events
    • Main Quarterly Socials
    • Networking Events
    • Website Directory & Business Page
    • Benefit from Chamber-Made Ads
    • Social Media Benefits
  • Best Value


    Valid for one year
    • Google Maps Set Up Assist
    • Google Maps Listing Assist
    • Access to Advertising
    • Paid Guest Speaker Events
    • Ads Ran for Your Events
  • Advanced

    Valid for one year
    • Automated Advertising
    • Advertising Partnership
    • Separate Advertising Account
    • Increased Social Media Benefits
    • Analytics for Your Industry
  • Enterprise

    Valid for one year
    • Automatic Gold Sponsor for Events
    • Ad Account Reports & Strategizing
    • Up to 5 Monthly Ads
    • Up to 5 Events Advertised
    • Increased Social Media Benefits
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