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Membership Details

  • 1-3 Employees

    • Only businesses with 3 or fewer employees may join this tier.

  • Workshop Events

    • You can attend "Workshop Events" for free. Workshop Events are events held to help educate business owners on personal development, business development, and more.​

  • Main Quarterly Socials

    • You can attend the BBOC's main quarterly social gathering events for free.​

  • Networking Events

    • You can attend Networking Events for free. Networking Events are events held to promote business-to-business interaction. ​

  • Website Directory & Business Page

    • Your main representative and your business will be added to the BBOC's directory. A separate, more detailed page, will also be created to present your information.​

  • Benefit from Chamber-Made Ads

    • Your potential exposure is increased as the BBOC advertises its events, directory, website, social media presence, and more.​

  • Social Media Benefits

    • The BBOC will use social media tools to present content to the community. As a BBOC member, you will be able to post each month to our social media channels.​

Chairman's Circle

About Google Maps:
Google Maps is a frequent tool in most people's daily lives. Whether it be to find the closest restaurant, the best lawyer in town, or to navigate to a new business in town, its convenience and presence are undeniable. 
In order for the BBOC to best serve its Growth members, we will need to ensure your Google Maps listing exists and is ready for local advertisements. By using these tools, we are able to effectively share your local presence with residents of Boynton Beach, or much further!

  • Google Maps Set Up Assist

    • The BBOC will review an existing Google Maps listing or assist in the process of making a new one for your business.

  • Google Maps Listing Assist

    • The BBOC will assist in increasing the quality and presence of your business's Google Maps listing.

  • Access to Advertising

    • As a Growth BBOC Member, you gain access to utilizing our advertisement options. While your Growth membership earns you FREE advertising, you may also work with the BBOC to further invest in your advertisements and reach. We will learn key elements of your business, such as your products & and services, in order to strategize an effective advertising plan. This advertising plan will be shown to residents of Boynton Beach, as well as other specified areas discussed in our advertising briefing.

  • Paid Guest Speaker Events

    • You can attend Paid Guest Speaker Events for free. The BBOC intends to find leaders of industries, as well as successful business leaders, who can offer quality insight on their journey and share key information with our members. These "Paid" Guest Speakers Events are separate from other Guest Speaker Events.

  • Ads Ran for Your Events

    • Any member of the BBOC may plan events with our community and network. As a Growth BBOC Member, your declared events will be advertised to the community, as well as areas that you deem important.


All advertising will be of NO additional cost to you.​

  • Automated Advertising

    • As an Advanced BBOC Member, your business will benefit from continuous, automated advertising to your specified locations.

  • Advertising Partnership

    • The BBOC will work closely with you and your business to ensure highlights of your ongoing business are being shared with the community, residents, and networks.

  • Separate Advertising Account

    • Apart from the parameters the BBOC sets to best reach the Boynton Beach community, your business will benefit from having a specialized advertising account that tailors further toward your potential customers and services.

  • Increased Social Media Benefits

    • As an Advanced BBOC Member, you and your business will be entitled to additional posts per month on the BBOC social media channels that are broadcast to the residents of Boynton Beach

  • Analytics for Your Industry

    • After learning more about your business's products, services, and consumers, we will provide insight into the overall potential for new consumers in your specified area.


All advertising will be of NO additional cost to you.​

  • Automatic Gold Sponsor for BBOC Events

    • As an Enterprise BBOC Member, your business will be considered a "Gold" sponsor for BBOC-hosted events. This ensures your business will be shown as a top contributor to the BBOC and its events, and will be recognized as a top sponsor on these occasions.

  • Ad Account Reports & Strategizing

    • As an Enterprise BBOC Member, your advertising partnership with the BBOC is that of an extension of your actual business. We will provide monthly reporting and allow for strategy meetings to ensure we're providing the residents and consumers of your targeted areas with the best possible content.

  • Up to 5 Monthly Ads

    • Each month, you may run up to 5 separate advertisements in order to cover your sales, products, services, and special occasions.

  • Up to 5 Events Advertised

    • You and your business will be allotted 5 events yearly that will be directly advertised by the BBOC.

  • Increased Social Media Benefits

    • As an Enterprise BBOC Member, you and your business will be entitled to the highest number of posts per month the BBOC social media channels allow for.


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