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Owner, Queen Bee

Roz Kodish

Promotional Products

Everything Logo


What is the biggest challenge facing you and your business today? Reaching potential clients? Standing out from the crowd? As Queen Bee at Everything Logo, I help you meet these challenges in a creative and effective way to Bee Remembered, through the use of Promotional Products. Also called Advertising Specialties, studies show that 76.1% of respondents can recall the advertiser’s name on the product they had received in the past 12 months.

You communicate with me throughout the process - I personally work with you to find the best product to represent your company, message and/or theme, and can also advise how to use promotional products to:
• Develop Brand Recognition
• Generate Leads
• Thank Clients and Employees
• Reactivate Lost Customers
• Stimulate Referrals
• Promote a New Product or Service
• Increase the Size of a Purchase
• Launch an Event or Grand Opening
• Turn Prospects Into Customers
• Create a Buzz at a Trade Show

Much more than freebies and giveaways, SWAG used for marketing, sales incentives and corporate gifts, connects and builds relationships which increase profits. I love finding cost-effective promotional products that offer a high perceived value with long-lasting benefits for my clients – Companies, Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits, Schools and Ad Agencies - many of them consider me part of their marketing departments!

Searching online for something special can be overwhelming -
Save Time, Money and Frustration by contacting me through LinkedIn,
email:, or call me directly at 561-429-4725 because I will:
• Listen
• Ask Appropriate Questions
• Make Educated Suggestions
• Consult on Strategy
• Offer Creative Ideas
• Process your order(s) with proofs and follow through
• Never miss a deadline!

I believe we're all unique, so if you care about your image and recognize that Promotional Products are marketing and sales tools, then I'd love to use my 35 yrs of experience in the industry to help you communicate your branding and message to your audience.




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