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Licensed Consultant

Roger Rodriguez

Medicare Broker

Grace Agency


Roger’s 17+ years of experience in sports marketing, SaaS, and medical sales, as well as his time in the Military as an Artilleryman & Infantryman, has given him an array of experience from leadership roles to customer service & satisfaction by building relationships within the community. A leader in his community and actively involved by volunteering and helping those in need, Roger has been a pillar of support for anyone he comes across and has found that a career in assisting those with any Medicare needs has been the most rewarding. When he is not working, he loves spending quality time with his girlfriend, Maggie, playing soccer/golf/pickleball, working out, and scuba diving. Since joining Grace Agency, he has adopted and thrived in our “white glove” approach and is the “insurance home” for anyone he has the privilege of working with.




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